What goes on the skin, goes in the body. What goes in the air, is breathed into the body.                                                                          Live Well

Lanolin penetrates deeper into dry skin, and doesn’t just moisturize, but also creates a barrier in the underlying layers of the skin to prevent moisture from escaping. This keeps skin supple longer, which

means that those who use lanolin cream don’t have to apply it as often.


Lanolin is most beneficial for women that wear high heels or sandals. Over time, skin on the heals start to thicken, crack and peel from the friction and exposure. Regular moisturizers will not work on skin that is this damaged because they can't penetrate deeply enough to heal the damage. Lanolin will penetrate deeply into the layers to soften the skin to exfoliate the damaged skin.

Pure Lanolin

  • Directions: Apply at bedtime to penetrate the skin overnight. Exfoliate the skin in the morning to remove the dead skin layers. 


    Net weight: Approx. 3.5 ounces